New music flash!

2015-04-07 09:40:15 by aang001

Well, I'm back! Sort of... LOL! Made a few new tracks, even though I technically don't have time for it! I'm waist deep in my SciFi novel, so anything else is a side note at this time. I hope the few reading it, will enjoy it so far. It makes me sad, cause I can't make music as often as I like. Heck, I'd like to get back to drawing regularly again as well, but, until it's done, I can't! It's a SciFi Romantic Comedy. My next will be a Horror Romantic Comedy. Once those are done and I get to proof read my 2 Android/ alien books, I can focus again on things like games and music again...(sobs)


The life of creative people... Keep safe everyone!

More crazy music in the works

2014-12-20 11:41:52 by aang001

If you follow my music, you know I'm everywhere. I go where the music takes me. I have some crazy tracks I'm working on and hope to release soon. Maybe I'll make it another nice batch day? Trying to balance music creation while I'm in middle of writting a novel has been interesting...

For You!

2014-11-03 15:57:20 by aang001

New track added!

For You - Celebratory song for DAI Team! I thought this theme should play for them for finishing DAI! Just this small RPG... THAT WILL RIP YOUR FACE OFF!!! LOL! So... That's what this is for! Or my few fans I've scraped up on this site! Think whichever makes you feel better on the inside!


Keep the music alive!

2014-11-03 15:37:28 by aang001

Basically, I have now started adding my music on my site, in packs! You can DL them for free! If you like any of my work and wish to keep the music alive, please donate! I'll be updating the packs when I feel the group of music I've created is finished(Album in my head or something) and It'll launch as my next pack! Any amount helps and goes into helping create higher quality music!

New tracks coming next week.

2014-10-08 01:15:54 by aang001

Life happens when we least exspect it. Just had a family member pass... Not sure how I'm copping... Only thing I've been doing is burying (No pun intended) ... OK, that's bad... That was definately too soon, and by me... I'm terrible, but lets move on... Maybe I should stop writing this post.. Screw it! I'm keeping it in! OK, so I've been feeling like I needed to dig deeper in my soul and make music from places I didn't know existed. That and bury myself in work... I might try to dedecate a few  tracks to the member that left us. Not sure how the surviving member will take it? Can you make your family and their friends twerk at a funeral?!  

Been in the lab!

2014-09-23 14:53:03 by aang001

Been working on some new stuff as you'll notice from my submissions. Just been having fun and enjoying music. Not everyone will get me or my styles of music. I don't expect everyone to like everything I do, but hope everyone will like something I do. Everyone hasn't had my experiences, grew up or traveled to where I have. I can only make the best music that I like and hope someone out there gets me. My music is a part of my soul. Just like my art, writing or love for games and martial arts.

Hope everyone is well! Enjoy the musical part of my mind!

New Music this Tues!

2014-09-12 12:44:09 by aang001

Been in the lab a bit. Made a few new tracks I love and hope others will as well!  This tues will have something new for those whom havent lost all interest in my music yet! I'll do my best to keep you guessing what Ill put out next! Im in all directions!

old school tracks

2014-08-19 09:59:52 by aang001

Well, I've put most of the old school tracks I care about here. There is still 1-2 more hip hop related post I might do. After that, I'll start posting RPG/game/animation styled music and posting more recent tracks of whatever I make. I wish you could rearrange how the tracks are posted here  though. I have most of the newer tracks now at the bottom of the list getting little love... Oh well. Hopefully someone out there is enjoying a small piece of my crazy brain!


Ja na!

All-Around Composer

2014-07-29 08:02:15 by aang001

Hey, it's Mike here! I'm a composer, that makes Game, Anime and Hip Hop music! If you want to hear/want  something crazy or different than most people in there right minds would put out, I'm your guy! LOL! I'll try to come at least every Tues and submit new tracks for anyone willing to listen. If I can make a single person, smile, sad, thoughtful, scared or just make them want to dance or freestyle, I've done my job! I just love music and experimenting!

If you like a track, tell me, vote, link to your friends!