Entry #9

New music flash!

2015-04-07 09:40:15 by aang001

Well, I'm back! Sort of... LOL! Made a few new tracks, even though I technically don't have time for it! I'm waist deep in my SciFi novel, so anything else is a side note at this time. I hope the few reading it, will enjoy it so far. It makes me sad, cause I can't make music as often as I like. Heck, I'd like to get back to drawing regularly again as well, but, until it's done, I can't! It's a SciFi Romantic Comedy. My next will be a Horror Romantic Comedy. Once those are done and I get to proof read my 2 Android/ alien books, I can focus again on things like games and music again...(sobs)


The life of creative people... Keep safe everyone!


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